• Alpha Super


    Alpha Super is one of the best chemicals available for small insects , cockroaches , mosquitoes , flies etc . It is imported from Uk and is available in packings of 250 ml and 1 litre.

  • Termidor


    Termidor is a chemical used to control termites and is very effective in a very affordable and low price , it is a imported product and distributed and marketed by Shah Trading Corporation all over pakistan.



  • Magnum Gel 40 GM


    Mangum Gel 40 Gm packing

    Cockroaches Causing Problems ?? ORDER MAGNUM GEL NOW  Another quality product from SHAH TRADING CORPORATION "Magnum Gel IGR Roach Bait". Simply it is Cockroach bait which is made after a very long research work in European Laboratories. it is easy to use instead of other traditional methods such as spraying, fogging etc. It has IGR (Insect Growth Regulation) Technology which stops growth cycle of insects. It is highly appetising even in the presence of other food. The success of a gel that acts by ingestion is closely related to its taste appeal. It has been developed by strengthening all the features that a good insecticide gel for roach should provide. This product can be used with almost no side effects in single and multi-family residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial facilities (including warehouses, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels, hospitals, food handling / storage establishments), and transportation equipment such as aircraft, Trains, ships, boats, buses.
  • KilRat+ (3 Blocks)

    RATS CAUSING PROBLEM ? ORDER KilRat Plus NOW ! High Quality Product Imported From Hungary, KilRat is blocks of medicine which are very effective in vanishing rats from the area they are placed in , no hard work to do just place the blocks where the rats are more and see the magic.   Imported , Marketed & Distributed by Shah Trading Corporation. Production of Balbona Bio Hungary Ltd.

  • It is a high quality Sprayer of chemicals and is imported from Hungary and has a long life with variety of throwing forms of chemical through its mouth. Creates good amount of pressure within the chemical and allows the chemical to spread in all forms. One of the best Small Sprayers available in market and is very effective and useful for household Use.

  • Bio Stop


    Bio Stop is a glue tube used to trap rats and is very effective as it is distributed over a piece of cardboard or a mouse trap board and whenever a rat will cross over it , he will get stuck on the board due to debello glue and will not allow mouse to go anywhere.

      Imported, Marketed & Distributed by Shah Trading Corporation. Production of Babolna Bio, Hungary Ltd.