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Fiprokill (Anti-Termite)


Available In packings of 250 Ml , 1 Litre and 5 Litre.


Fiprokill 25 EC is at once new and most recently discovered termiticide which contains a highly novel and effective ingredient scientifically known as fipronill. FIPROKIL itself belongs to a newly evolved chemical group of phenyl pyrazoles. Its ingestion and contact immediately affects the nervous system of the pest. As a GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) inhibitor its mode of action is unique and at once different from the other conventional termiticides available in the market. GABA regularly keeps the nervous system disturbed and thus it completely destroys all kinds of termites. The action of FIPROKILL quickly cancels the neuron regulatory effects of GABA, thus causing the death of the pest by making it over excited. FIPROKILL is thus an extremely effective product, which in extremely low doses also completely destroys the entire termite colony situated in a particular area.

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Fiprokill is the best medicine available for termite treatments and termite control , Imported from UK fiprokill has created its own brand name into the market because of its high quality performance , wherever used. Fiprokill is the best selling chemical of Shah Trading Corporation and is sold and distributed all over pakistan.

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